How can you charge such affordable prices?
Fashionable eyewear simply should not cost you a fortune. Except for a few honest opticians unfortunately, the industry is dominated by companies who profit significantly from marking up their prices way above the value they are providing. By choosing not to work in this manner and selling our glasses directly through our website, we can provide our consumers with eyewear that is ultra fashionable and extremely affordable.
Do you have any physical stores?
While we love meeting our customers in person, we currently do not have any physical stores. We are based out of Mumbai and are looking to establish teams in major Indian cities in the coming months.
Do you sell other brands of eyewear?
We sell only our original Winkk frames. Our philosophy is that eyewear is a form of self-expression and we don't want to sell someone else's designs. The Winkk collection is inspired by the latest trends in eyewear; with a fashion forward twist and each pair of spectacles is custom fit with light weight anti-reflective, scratch-resistant polycarbonate optical lenses.
Do you really donate a pair of glasses free for every pair sold?
Indeed. The truth is that 75% of people who require glasses in India do not have access to them. Every time you buy a pair of Winkk glasses, we make a donation to a renowned non-profit, which enables them to give a pair of glasses away to someone who otherwise would not have access to them. In doing so, we help you to give someone the gift of better eyesight.