"Our journey began with one simple question...

Why does shopping for eyewear have to be such an expensive and difficult task?

We discovered that the answer is remarkably simple; the more your optician can confuse you with difficult jargon and unnecessary options, the more he can get you to spend. The less you know, the more you pay!

Just remember the last time you bought a pair of glasses, for instance. First, you were asked to select a frame, most of which lacked a properly quoted price. Next, you were offered a complex list of lenses to choose from with the salesman trying to upgrade you at every opportunity he got. And just when you’ve found a pair you like, you’re told that it costs close to a small fortune. And the lenses cost extra!

Keen to change this lack of transparency in the eyewear market, both online and offline, we were inspired to create a platform that makes shopping for eyewear fun, simple and enjoyable.

“Winkk” was established with one single vision – to create an eyewear brand that is honest and makes shopping for optical products easy, economical and fun.

By eliminating the traditional middleman, designing our frames in-house, and having our own production facilities we are able to provide higher-quality, beautiful and well-crafted eyewear that’s not just fashionable but also affordable.

Our frames are produced by highly reputed global manufacturers, and then seamlessly fitted with precision lenses to our exacting standards to meet your specifications.

Here’s what makes us different from anyone else out there:

We offer uber-chic eyewear all under Rs. 2000 so you can stay on top of your fashion game without burning a hole in your pocket.

All our spectacle prices come included with prescription lenses.

All our lenses are made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant high index material on the market and come included with non-reflection and scratch resistant coatings.

We keep our inventory up-to-date with the latest global trends by introducing a brand new collection every 6 weeks. No outdated stock, guaranteed!

We exist to make fashionable eyewear easy and affordable.

What you see is what you get...