Winkk Eyewear | Our Story



We’re going to be honest with you - a good pair of affordable shades is pretty hard to find.

Why? Basically, one company owns 80% of the global sunglasses market.

And when you're the big dog on the block you can charge whatever you want. And charge they do.

To us, that’s not cool.

Before we started, a few types of shades (unfairly) dominated the market for years. Fresh, Durable and Comfortable Sunglasses at a reasonable price didn’t exist. So we made our own.

We believe that your shades should say something about who you are. Our lives are unpredictable and exciting and we need shades that fit our lifestyle. Winkk was founded on passion and we pride ourselves on radical design that unabashedly pushes you outside your comfort zone. Our sunglasses are designed for those who dare to be different, the ones who lust for life’s adventure, and the people who will not stop until they find it.

Our young and energetic team comprises creative marketers, innovative techies, seasoned product experts and customer service genies.

Our philosophy is simple.

You've got one life under the Sun. Get your Shades On!

Impeccable Quality

All our sunglasses come included with Scratch resistant and Polarised Lenses and provide 100% U.V. Protection. Our frames are made with the finest materials and shaped for maximum comfort to ensure performance at every level.

Don't Pay Over the Top

At Winkk, we help you channel your individuality, by providing designs that are meticulously curated to reflect the latest fashion trends. We are constantly innovating and pushing the edge on design and technology to ensure that you #getnoticed wherever you go.

Contemporary Designs

Designer sunglasses with polarised lenses shouldn't necessarily mean expensive – by selling directly to customers, we cut out the middle men, and pass the savings directly to you.